Cambridge Landscape Design Services

Gardenology, is a Cambridge Landscape Design company and has been serving the Cambridge area for more than 7 years, offering consultations, landscape design, plant supply and other services.  Gardens are Jo's passion and she works hard to put the right plant in the right place.


  • If you don't require a plan and are just looking for some advice, then a consultation may be a good option for you. These can cover different aspects such as creating new landscapes, changing a garden/landscape,  or maintaining an existing garden.
  •  $95 per hour
  • If a client chooses to have Landscape Design plans prepared after a consultation, the cost of the consultation will be deducted from the design package price.

Landscape Design Services

The Design Process - consists of several stages and will usually take at least 2-3 months from estimate acceptance to final plan delivery.

  • Initial meeting  - 1 hour free on-site consultation - no obligation.  The objective here is to listen to the clients requirements, assess the project site and understand the scope of the project for estimation purposes.   Also to ascertain which plan option (as detailed below) is best suited to the project (examples of the different plans will be available to examine). 

  • Provide estimates for plan options, terms and conditions

  • Following estimate acceptance and payment of a deposit to secure contract, work can begin: 

    • finalise the client brief 

    • conduct site analysis and measure up

    • take photos

    • obtain any other relevant information (such as covenants, builders plans, drainage plans etc.).

  • Prepare initial concept design in draft form – allow approximately 4-6 weeks, (depends upon Gardenology's current design workload, clients will be advised accordingly if wait times are expected to be longer).

  • Meetings/discussions to make any changes and fine tune the design.  Often several  meetings/discussions are required.  Once the client sees the images on paper, or obtains quotes for items,  they often change their mind about some of their requirements.

  • Finalise concept design

  • Prepare any other plans in draft form (allow another 2-4 weeks)

  • Meetings/discussions to make any further changes 

  • Finalise all plans and sign off

  • Final designs and reports are printed and delivered to client

Design Plan Options:

  • Concept Plan – to scale, no plants specified, minimal graphics

  • Planting Plan – to scale, all plants specified

  • Master Plan - to scale, in colour with graphics and perspective sketches of significant spaces

Prices range from $1200 - $6000, depends on clients requirements and size of property.  All prices include GST. 

Plant Supply

Gardens are Jo's passion and she works hard to put the right plant in the right place.  It is important to plan ahead to allow for seasonal availability and optimal planting conditions.  Jo can also save you time by sourcing your plants for you.

  • Plant estimates
  • Bulk orders
  • Special plants suitable for a specific situation such as; style/theme of garden and property, seasonal interest, good performance, functionality ( provide shade or privacy) low maintenance characteristics, suitable for the local climate etc.
  • Assistance with plant purchasing in local garden centres

Other Landscape Design Services

Jo can assist in several other ways to ensure the correct implementation of her designs, to complete the overall project and outline continuing care.

  • Project Management/Coordination 
  • Assistance in finding landscape contractors, tradespeople, garden features/art/furniture 
  • Plant set-out and planting
  • Maintenance programs are available, where Jo will assess your garden to determine scope of works, prepare a schedule for you to follow, detailing the tasks, treatments  and appropriate timings.

Contact Jo at Gardenology to discuss your next landscape design project